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lol thanks for the shoutout Steve

As far as airsoft at Defcon Paintball goes, it's reserved for Monday nights which is our (ASC's) night and the only people allowed to play at these events are those approved of by the host, there will be no flood of kiddies coming here because of our events there.

The ASC banner could use a little more thought though, point taken Duff_Man_in_CADPATs, I do not own this site so I should only have mentioned what Garner said regarding Scarecrow and the BB Bastards Banner
did not mean to start anything.

We already have our share of kiddies/pro-snipers coming here asking their questions etc. and we deal with them just fine in our own special way

If anyone has any questions or concerns about events at Defcon, please do not hesitate to send me, Garner (DEFCON PAINTBALL), or Grant (Lt. King) a PM

Sunil R.
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