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I think you are just taking the concern too seriously since ASC always get those types writing topics every week and getting shut down and flamed to hell

We have people like surebet, Styrak, Pusangani, or Tokyo to flame noobs so don't worry about it.

The games are 18+ so the real concern is diffused, cause its the real playing that matters and the little dudes won't be in the play field but instead marking their calendars until they are 18.

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
TBH I don't think that putting a Bastard banner or an ASC banner is the best idea, then we would be an even bigger magnet for hi-cap, spray and pray, immature "wat gun iz b3s7????111!!!!!oneoneone I alr3ady did my reserrch" paintballer kids.

I don't think that's really the direction that we want to take.
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