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I had the pleasure of meeting Garner at his facility. Garner`s approach to this venture is a solid one. His facility is top notch and his business arrangement is highly sustainable. What is more is his attitude to airsoft, which is a breath of fresh air and I think everyone should take note of this.

Garner has made a huge effort to engage the airsoft community and give it what it wants. He has reserved Mondays for airsofters at his facility and has his staff clean the field in anticipation of airsofters wearing gear that they don`t want paint on. His brand of paint is also specially formulated to dry and flake - this is something he did in order to keep the field cleanable. He`s errected netting to catch paintballs to lower the `slime`factor that is inevitable with most facilities.

Folks I have to say there have been a lot of people who`ve come onto this board with grandiose plans for indoor facilities that never materialized, but Garner`s approach is that of the silent professional. He`s taken the time to understand the community and offer it a facility we can use. He`s flexible and willing to listen to ideas and has plans to innovate his facility even further as time goes on.

I took a tour there, both Blackthorne and Mizfit were there as well, and all three of us were very impressed and we all agreed that in some respects, Defcon paintball could be another very important Normandy beachhead for us. Brian Mcimoyle`s TTAC facility was the first beachhead - this one is the second. I don`t count Sgt Splatters in this because frankly we use his facility at his convenience but paintball is their priority and one visit to Splatters will say it all. But the beachhead I am referring to is a Toronto based facility, on the transit line, with an owner who has done his homework, gotten proper zoning, proper arrangements for real estate and puts the sport in positive light which legitimizes it further for us. Keep in mind, this is Mayor Miller`s town and if he had his way, there`d probably be no paintball, let alone airsoft, just based on his unrelenting attack on gun ownership in Toronto. It takes a lot of courage to take a business risk like this, and I respect that a lot.

So I would like to say THANK YOU to Garner and his business partners for what they have done and I wholeheartedly endorse this facility and look forward to playing in it this winter. I hope they get rich off it, we can only benefit as a community from it.
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