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"We have currently taken the site offline. Our new site will but up in about one month. I have a site domain but have to wait a total of 60 days to port. Once the new site is up, it will be accessible only through ASC. This is to maintain a level of confidence and integrity and to be able to continue to offer our services to the Canadian market. Thanks to everyone, and have a great summer"

His name is llotek, I was sending him some PM's about his website when I ran into it while surfing the web. He didn't want his website "advertised" this early, he says he will be upgarding his website, getting more in stock, and only allowing users on ASC to purchase from him.

It's not like I am going to buy anything from him, lol I can't anyways But I don't like how people start by flamming automatically...

"Airsoft will be taken seriously, but it will never be forgotten that airsoft is just a game. Treat every player with respect and honor."
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