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Originally Posted by Syn View Post
IIRC on the discover channel airsoft bb too small to benefit from dimpling like golf balls. I can't wait for testing result to find out who is right.
I can't wait to hear the results either. I am well aquainted with golf. (I am a Golf Professional for one of my careers.) It will be interesting to say the least. If the spin can be controled and fine tuned for performance. You will see dimples on BBs if they can get the manufacturing process down pat, and at a reasonable cost.
But I can tell you that a smooth golfball flies like a brick compared to a dimpled one. With a driver, it will fly out about 100 yrds and take a nose dive, where a dimpled ball will take off and fly 260 yrds. But on that smaller scale it will be interesting to see the effects. And if it will be enough to change the design of BBs. A good center balanced BB is be more important, I believe. When and where can results of this testing be seen??
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