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Originally Posted by Shrapnel[Op-For] View Post
I'll never understand why a kid (with a parent) could easily choose from large variety of pellet guns that could potentially severally harm someone MUCH more than an airsoft gun ever could. BUT if he wanted an airsoft gun that shoots 250 fps, it would be harder to get a hold of because it looks real.

Oh and by the way... ever notice that airsoft is spell checked as a typo even though this is an airsoft site?.... OH NO SECRET SPY TAMPERING WITH THE SERVER?
The fact that even pelet guns these days are becomeing more real, take the crosman t4 for example , i can buy one at my local canadian tire and from a few feet away unless your trained your never going to know the difference between that and a real or airsoft glock, but yet anyone 18 has access.
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