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I would like to thank you/all for the understanding concerning my inquiries.
I have a lot of questions and feel free to mention if I cross any lines.
First of all Iam over 60 so I go a ways back in the Fire Arms community.
These statements I make are not brag just fact.
Also what I say may not be of interest to anyone on this board.
Iam not A/V but do not see any issues with the process.
This group seems to be well/self regulated.
Because I don't do well with stupid , I have been involved with Fire Arms Legislation since the 70's.
Warren Ullman and later Allan Rock along with the "Lieberal" Govt. have done everything they can to erode our freedoms and ownership of private property.
In my innocent ignorance I reckoned I could purchase the gear of choice and get involved with Air Soft. Part of the problem is I spend a lot of time in the USA. Every hobby shop has a wall full of A/S and accessories.
To keep this thread short. My idea was to convert my P/B field and property into an A/S venue. I donated my P/B business to the local church and we still use the field to play. A/S is the next level and I can see if Iam going to get there I had better pay attention.
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