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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
Not to be finniky, but it's the 0.29g BBs that are the best overal in range/speed/acuracy.

But the 0.30g offer very good performance for rifle firing under 550fps.
Minor issue, barely any difference from my testing. Not even an fps difference. It's a 0.01g difference. The only difference between a 0.29g and a 0.30g is literally the make. 0.29g is only made by Maruzen, very perfectly made BBs, used them for two years, and the past year I've been using 0.30g Bastards and am REALLY impressed with them. Even compared them to the SIIS 0.30g BBs and found an increase of about 20fps with the Bastards over SIIS, for the same BB weight, gun set up. What stunned me most was the difference between 0.28g and 0.30g Bastards, there was almost identical velocities measured with the exact same set up across diffferent guns. Heavier weight without velocity loss = AWESOME!!!
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