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Originally Posted by JanusDP View Post
To put it simply:

Airsoft is not officially recognized under the law...which leaves interpretation of the law open from officer to officer. Therefore, the guns, which are not replicas and are not firearms (but exhibit characteristics of being both), are not recognized by C68.. (unless I totally missed something.)

We survive as a sport through self-regulation, low-key behaviour and staying just off the radar.


3. Air guns that are replica firearms

These are air guns that are not powerful enough to cause serious injury or death, but that were designed to resemble a real firearm with near precision. Replica firearms, except for replicas of antique firearms, are classified as prohibited devices.

In particular, some air guns that are commonly called air soft guns may fall into this category. These are devices that have a low muzzle velocity and muzzle energy, and that usually discharge projectiles made out of a substance such as plastic or wax rather than metal or lead.


While they are not ALL replicas, they are prohibited, or so the law says.
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