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I shot IPSC/Three Gun/Formal for about twenty years.
Nothing ever shot back. About four years ago I took a team to the Speed Ball Nationals in Calgary. We (Country Cousins) got wasted by a wall of paint.
While I was there I met a group of Air Soft sellers with some very impressive gear. After the usual introductions we discussed Fire Arms in General and C/68.
I was told a story about the time these merchants were on their way to a show and came across an accident. Being "on the scene" they were questioned by the RCMP. During the questioning the police took a look inside their van. To make a long story short more RCMP were called in to "Escort" my new friend to the station for questioning about the contents of the van.
How closely in Airsoft connected to the real side of C68?
For example: Are they restricted to mag capacity , rate of fire etc?
Where does one find find the rules governing the sport or is it wide open.
I could ask these questions in other forums but your the ones shooting at each other so I reckon you know what works.
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