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Originally Posted by Gunk View Post
We could pay for it. (granted I'm sure there are hidden costs and angles and reasons I can't possibly think of right now)

I mean, if people in Ontario have to pay for their own sex change operations...

Oh... wait....
Well you already pay to get your PAL be it non-restricted or restricted. It still becomes a cost, just look at "Registry", that costed us $2billion, however when it FIRST came out there was a charge to register your fire-arm; IF I recall it was $40 per long arm. There will be costs, simply having to add training programs to CFC employees to know/understand such new provisions for airsoft would have to take affect.

Really, the only way to get airsoft out of the "evils of the public eye" IS to create a REGULATED system, and that would most definitely have to be government controlled ONE way or another. Tagging onto the existing PAL system does seem like a great idea but am sure there would be blow backs because of it. For one, the general consensus amongst real steel shooters is that airsoft is bad for public image; and when you think of it they DO got a point. We are a bunch of "grown" men dressing up and going out to play "Soldier" like we did with sticks back in the day. But now, we've started investing in our sticks and gear to mimic the REAL thing. Then you have things like how that terrorist "cell" got caught right here in Ontario not to many years back; "Neighbors noticed large groups of men showing up regularly to the area dressed in camouflage, and distant sounds that 'sounded' like gun fire." So based on a bunch of guys showing up dressed in woodlands all the time and add in "sounds" that "sounded" like gun fire, not someone saying "Hey that IS gun fire" it was, "was that gunfire?" Such mistakes CAN be made with our guns, specially with illusions people have with "Silencers" from the movies for instance.

Again, for now the better option might actually to let Airsoft die, sort of. Think of it this way, all NEW gun sources dry up, but you still have ORGANIZED groups meeting once a month or so to put together a game or two for FUN. Say a year from now better regs make it more cross the board and everyone's playing with the same guns they have been for a couple seasons now because they don't have much choice. The game continues even when it has no room to grow, and there MAY be sight of something for which the public can capitalize on. Similar to the way Paintball died ((sorta, not as heavy as Airsoft probably will)) to come back to the public eye as a GAME that people do and WILL play for fun. It always comes back to how long before you police something that you either irracticate completely or regulate so that it STAYS safe. ((Prostitutions to Escorts comes to mind as a PERFECT example, though that did take a couple centuries :P)).

Then there's the back lash, people still see a bunch of GROWN men dressed in camo showing up to play war; which looks very much like para-military training NOT conducted by licensed and certified personnel.

Would I pay to have another bit on my PAL to keep airsoft going? Yes.


Regulate import
Regulate acquisition
Regulate AGE of owners
Assist in Regulating cross the board regs for the game


Public might still not accept it
No ability to "register" the devices
Costs are unknown
Who are we going to get to put this through Commons?

I want to emphasize this last con. The Liberal party won't back INCREASING access to "fire-arm" related devices, and the Conservatives will not risk any of their seats with the up-coming election because the general public is not for increasing access to "fire-arm" related devices. And no one else will have the seats to even fart the idea at the House.

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