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Originally Posted by Daviday View Post
that's a good point but if the 007 airsoft guy is purchesing good quality clearsoft guns i'll defenetly buy them. Personaly i think the canadain govnerment should make some sort of licence or permit to import and sell, and maybe one for the players too, like owning a real gun. I mean i haven't herd of one person who travels with there gun exposed and if they do their pretty dumb. Any ways it might be VERY difficult to start some legal backing, but it`s still posable and i think we could do it with alot of work to fix this HUGE isue, because alot of us just turn are back on the problem and ignore it, but if we all band togther we can protect the game we know and love.``those are just my thoughts``
That idea's been mentioned many times, personally I've had the idea that it would be very possible for CFC to create a subsection on the PAL for airsoft use. However again it is politics, who is going to pay for said changes to be made? The general public; who does not want funds going to programs/changes they don't want. Again its not easy to have any sort of "fix" in sight because there are no plausible fixes in sight at present nor the near future.

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