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Different countries different rules Daviday, it really is that simple.

While I leave hope for airsoft in Canada yet, sad realities point to its coming death. The general public of Canada are increasingly anti-gun; and the only thing to save that is the Red Coats to invade again. Now since that'll never happen ((well, less we count Russia as Red coats :P and Canada was the last source of Oil)) there is no "need" for large sources/collection/access to firearms. Once you have fear and or negative reaction to real firearms the idea of a replica/toy is just that much more a target. By technical terms all members should not forget that the RCMP/CBSA/CFC DO have a mandate to target us, as no one was "supposed" to have been able to get their hands on airsoft since 1998, but lack of public interest and enforcement on such laws allowed us to. It is only because the backlash on the RCMP that COULD rise from going after SO many individuals could spark investigation into groups like the RCMP/CBSA and CFC could be launched due to the fact that even though they were given a mandate to keep them out they did nothing against it. Hence why you really see the targeting of the retailers, they are a much smaller group of people and at the same time are the ones that are "bending" the rules by bringing in the devices. Also these targets do not open up inquest as to why the Policing agencies have been "allowing" the devices in, but rather that they were "On-going investigations" and all that jaz.

Clear AEG's might be a real reality, even though I don't like the idea of seeing our sport basically turn into paintball, with "markers" and really just loosing the realism. Brittian and Scotland both had groups that got together with HUGE legal backing to form regulating groups that uniformed the sport for them. Canada is such a large country that this becomes VERY difficult simple because the terrain you have is no where near the same as the terrain I have, and with terrain being huge factors in FPS limits, engagement distances, and even sometimes ammo limits.

Orange tips are actually not the greatest idea for "identifying" airsoft, a quick run to the paint shop and you now make your real steel appear to be a harmless toy and some officer/civi gets shot because of the mistaken appearance. They are however can be great identifiers for transporting the device, but again not the best. Not ALL officers know the ins and outs of fire arms, and there are QUITE a few officers that would not be able to tell the difference between real and fake even when looking at the chambers, magazines most likely would be easier give aways for them, but that still doesn't stop a bad guy from painting the tip and tossing a couple GBB mags into his backpack to sneak a real steel around.

Anyway, its far more complicated than just walking the hill.

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