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Huang's TASC Radio Headset...

It just came in the mail today, and had a game tonight, so here's my impressions.

Dealer Impressions
This was my first ever purchase from Huang, and it certainly won't be the last. Product came VERY fast, and nothing to complain about on the communication side of things.

First Opening the Box
Was excited to finally have a headset with a boom mike, and something a little sturdier than an ear plug speaker. The headset looked good, felt good and snug, like it wasn't going anywhere, something I really needed.

I was very pleased with the PTT button housing, as well as the built in volume knob on it, makes it much easier than having to reach for my radio to adjust. The cord length is PERFECT for sticking my saber radio in me wasatch pouch, unlike my last headset there isn't cords everywhere, much more "high speed low drag".

First Game Usage
Was raining quite a bit tonight, so this was a good test for the headset. It got wet, but that did not affect it at all. The sound was clear, it can be turned VERY loud if you need it to be (as I learned by accident, ouch that hurt).

People on the receiving end said my transmissions were also very clear.

This headset did not move at all the entire game, it was very snug; even with my ESS goggles and boonie on, and moving through trees and brush, it stayed put.

Here's my one complaint with the headset, and this isn't a defect, just the reality of it. This model fits snug against your head, so hearing out of that ear is very limited. I found if I shifted it a bit higher on my ear (exposing a little bit of the bottom of my ear) it pretty much fixed this problem though, and I still could hear very clear. I'm probably going to add a bit of material (tape of some kind) to create a bump on the bottom of the earpiece, so that it doesn't sit flush on my head, allowing me to hear better. This probably wouldn't be such an issue in real life, since real steel is much louder.

So far I'm very happy with this headset. Even with the one complaint I had, I'm still very pleased with this purchase, and it was a VAST improvement over the setup I had before, and I reccomend this problem

(Note: I haven't experienced any chemical burns, I'll update after using it for a full day)

I'll also update later on reliability, once I've had a better chance to break it in.
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