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Originally Posted by insert View Post
i did hit the search option. and i found a lot of threads, and what i found was a forum full of people that bash anybody who asks for help. i was hoping a few people would throw up some decent responses.
I believe that issue is more abundant here then airsoft guns.

Originally Posted by 808 View Post
I hope you guys are joking about the NARC comments. Little paranoid there guys.

Just a bit. Oh and if it is a joke, it's getting a little old.
I got the same crap, and thought the exact same thing.

About your request. I do know. But it is a Double Eagle brand AEG, and you don't want that crap. 250FPS = ..... you understand. .... It will just get you shot when you are forced to "plink" around with aluminum cans and the police pop in.
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