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Originally Posted by Leopard2a6m View Post
Actually the land probably went for cheap, nobody wants to really build in the inner city in Winnipeg, and the land that Army Surplus was located on was bought by the University of Winnipeg as they are expanding they're campus and this past winter the curling club down there was demolished to allow for expansion of the campus, its just a matter of time before the army surplus place is knocked down.
Well, Portage isn't THAT bad of an area.. Trust me, I did some surveying work around Higgins/Main, and it is bad enough driving through there, nevermind getting out and doing a job there.
Plus Portage has some decent girls walking around (only when its very bright out, haha)
But if you think about it, that location is right in the middle of everything, you would think the land would be worth a little.

Its an eyesore.. It'll be good to see it gone.
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