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Originally Posted by Contradiction View Post
Could have been a mix of both? It was right around the time that Cabela's was moving in, but yeah they did have money troubles, and were going down fast. The rent on that place was probably rediculous since no one has hopped to the gun to buy the land for that place. Stupid thing is still there.

The kraken is crappen'. Since ALL that S.I.R/Cabelas is garbage clear guns, the kraken is no stranger. While it has a olive drab foregrip stock and grip, the rest of it is clear. But it is the best of the crap there I must say. Things must have changed as well because I have never seen a MP7 (well... its a tactical force clear MP7, but that doesnt count..)
The only thing that Cabelas has that is decent is the SW40F. It functions like a real gun and is sweet and all, but its crap clear again.... so 120 buck aint going to you Crapbelas... (They selection for airsoft even blows in Cabelas grand forks location.. so what do we expect)

And Flea-ish, what is OO?
Actually the land probably went for cheap, nobody wants to really build in the inner city in Winnipeg, and the land that Army Surplus was located on was bought by the University of Winnipeg as they are expanding they're campus and this past winter the curling club down there was demolished to allow for expansion of the campus, its just a matter of time before the army surplus place is knocked down.
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