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Originally Posted by Conscript View Post
I think Freedom Fighter lost a couple of teeth while playing way back, not sure if it was his crowns or other teeth.
FreedomFighter holds the all time record for bad luck. If he didn't have bad luck, he'd have no luck at all. I recall at deadlands he lost a tooth, and in that same month used a MP5 as a pole vault during CQB, smashing it into 5 separate pieces. Wish I had video of that one, it was funny as hell to watch, as he tripped over his own feet trying to make it to cover while I was firing on him. Aside from the tragedy of the MP5, it was by far the funniest Benny Hill-style wipeout I've ever witnessed in airsoft, and keep in mind I have Claymore as a teammate, so thats saying a lot...
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