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Originally Posted by Schwag View Post
At our T.W.A.T. Game on sunday, we had a noob come out and within 5 minutes of his first skirm, he got half of his front tooth shot out.

What a way to start.

I know this has happened to Armyissue. Has it happened to anyone else?

We've had 1 dental mishap at TTAC3 ... same thing.. half a front tooth shot out...

The amazing thing is how having a front tooth shoot out transforms the apperance of a person from "inteligent, good looking young man" to "gap toothed yokel" instantly...

Its just a matter of time before it happens again.. as people continue to insist on playing in goggles with no face protection. In CQB with 0 distance engagements allowed... you gotta wonder what people are thinking..
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