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Originally Posted by insert View Post
what i found was a forum full of people that bash anybody who asks for help.
If you do a bit more reading, starting with the rules of the forum, you'll quickly notice that it's AGAINST THE RULES to discuss gun sales, dealers, where to buy, etc anywhere outside the 18+ restricted sections. If we talk about it, we get infraction points that can lead to a temporary ban or revocation of our age-verified status.

So yeah, when noobs come in saying they've read and researched and keep insisting that we give them answers to their questions about where to buy a gun, they get flamed.

Feel free to ask for all the help you want. This forum is full of very knowledgeable people. Ask questions about gear, upgrades, repairs, games, etc and you'll probably get a lot of really good, helpful answers. However, if you keep breaking the rules, then you can't complain about people being on your case.

And if you notice, the flaming you speak of usually shows up in threads like this one with noobs asking where to get a gun without getting age-verified or beforehand. Otherwise, there's not much flaming at all.
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