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Originally Posted by airsoftxtreme View Post
Sued by whom? Up to now we still havent received any word nor a single tissue paper that says we are being sued by an unknown team.

As we have explained in some of the forums that It is all a black propaganda done by Popular Airsoft. ( A Filipino online magazine which you have to pay US $3.99 to download per issue ). They wanted to sensationalize a story for them to get known in all airsoft community. All Malicious posting on online forums and news were done by Popular Airsoft.

We will always continue on producing a FREE Online AirsoftXtreme Magazine and we will still continue to produce Printed Version in high-quality paper.

AirsoftXtreme #7 (Sept-Oct) will be out very soon.
Thank you for the clarification.

If you haven't notified yet, or Arnies Airsoft - I'd suggest you ask them to print a retraction. I'll put your clarification up on the 6mm Magazine site ASAP.

Again, glad to see things are all good for you guys.

Keep the presses rollin'!


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