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Auto-pm's for new users

Alright, I'm gonna throw my idea out there, see if it's actually possible.

My suggestion is, when a new person signs up to the forums, is it possible to have a pm sent to them automatically with the little alert saying they have a new pm?

In the pm, it could just be an automated message welcoming the new person to the forums, how the FAQ's and other threads contain all the information really needed so they don't bomb us every day with newbie questions.

However, If it were all words, I'm pretty sure most people would just skip it so I think using images (thatotherguy's comics, hilarious) or other things would at least draw the attention of the user to some of the information given.

I think it would be good as well to inform them that if they post a newbie/stupid question that has already been answered, that they'll get flammed/ or an infraction or something.

So is this possible? Do you people think this is a good idea or a bad idea?
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