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Originally Posted by Baboosi View Post
Hey people, first post here.

I ordered from ebaybanned on the day that they temporarily stopped retail.
I ordered an ACOG-style Red-dot. So the day that they go back into retail, I look at my order and it says "thanks, we will ship you ASAP". The funny thing is, I was never charged via paypal... what does this mean? Is the seller going to let it slide and send it to me anyways? Will it even be sent in the first place? It's been like 10 days since that status was updated and I've heard absolutely nothing from ebaybanned. Is there anything that I can do for an order that I have no idea what it's doing, and that I never even paid for??

Thanks in advance!

Wait another week. If you receive it, then bonus. If you don't then contact them about your order.
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