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Yes all pre ban AEG's had to be Semied, Because its illegal to own a AEG as the NZ Police class it as a Restricted Weapon under our firearms laws.
We can only import SEG's now. (Factory Semi-ed Weapons)

Most of our Airsoft Clubs in NZ belong to the ASNZS (Airsoft NZ Society) which was formed by us all to represent Airsoft in NZ.

ASNZS is run by a committee of people who come from all the other clubs around NZ.
We have Club Armourers who deal with the importing of weapons for those who wish to buy new weapons. You don't have to buy weapons via them as its your choice.

But one of our members has struck a great deal with G&G Armament which we have made only available to the ASNZS Members. Its one of the perks of belonging to the Society.

The ASNZS sets the basic ground rules of our sport (making sure we follow the laws) then its up to the inveigle clubs to sort out their own club rules on things such as FPS Limits, Game Rules, Site Rules.......

ASNZS has a very good re-pour with the Head of the NZ Police Firearms Section and NZ Customs.
Its helped us to be recognized as a organised sporting group and not just a bunch of disorganized yobs.

FYI - Link to the ASNZ Forums -

I am not sure how much of the site you get to see, as a lot is restricted area.

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