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G&G - G4 CQB R

Hello fellow Airsofters,

Do any of you own a G&G - G4 CQB R ?

I am wanting some feedback on what you think of it. (your opinions are valued)
(Pro's and Con's of the weapon)
We (Airsoft New Zealand Society members) have very special deals on G&G weapons, so I am about to purchase one to add to my collection.

I have done a search on the ASC site but have only come up with the G&P version.


SEG's: TM-CAR15, TM-G&P M4/SR16 Custom, TM-M4A1 Custom, TM-G&P MI6 VN Custom, TM-SR16, TM-M4S System, G&G G4-CQB-R.

Sniper Rifles: 2x TM-VSR G Spec's

Shotgun: Marushin Mossberg M500SSB 8mm.

Gas Pistols: TM-Sig 226, TM-Socom Mk23, TM-Tactical Master. TM Glock 17 3rd Gen.

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