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the cm030 made by cyma

the cm030 is the best pistol i've owned its reliable sturdy cheap and u can use it year round because its a aep

okay lets keep it simple


sturdy build and its a reasonable weight
easy to take apart
metal internals
long lasting battery
easy to add light laaser e.t.c

cyma marking's instead of glock marking's which doesn't really matter

to add a silencer you have to by a silencer setup for the front and to put this on you have to pull out the orange tip of the gun
the paint on the trigger and the metal magazine easily scratch off

summary this is a very good gun with a few problems which can be fixed easily

how to fix the con's
paint falling off
use sand paper rough it up and use a flat black to paint it

okay when you first load the gun there are 2 screw's on the back of the magazine the left for coarse adjustment right for fine once you load the magazine hold the spring down and screw the top up tight

if your selector switch falls out put it in tthe part it came out and the little screw like thing can be tightened by the small alum key provided in the box and you can buy replacments like me if it breaks
par merran par terran

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