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Originally Posted by fi3re View Post
sigh reading this makes me remember the good ole days when pacific mall had 2 airsoft stores, and newcentury plaza had hotshot if ANYone remembers...of course i was around 12 back then
(dont worry im 18 now)

BTW, pacific mall has a hobby shop called KURAMAE i believe that sells SOME airsoft stuff, but im really not sure. i wonder if they're on ASC....
ya i remember this that is where i got my first gun! but too bad last year find their name on top of chianese newspaper(xindao news) says store got raid by police and later at owner's home find more than 200 guns!
owner are nice guy really nice but i guess just too stupied to put the gun on the table and tell people hey come here buy one!
(they sell for really high price, two years ago i got my TM sig 552 from them it cost me 900)
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