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Intel obtained from recent satellite reconnaissance has revealed a sizeable enemy force massing inside a reinforced mudbrick fortress (OBJ), which is located vicinity grid AG1168. Intel believes the enemy is attempting to establish a forward base of operations in preparation for a subsequent combined arms assault on our local indigenous allies based at a nearby airfield. Sensitive organizational and planning documentation is expected to exist on-site; if obtained this would be invaluable in not only preventing this attack but also undermining potential future operations. Additionally, at 0500hrs today a reconnaissance and surveillance (R and S) team failed to check in, all efforts to contact them have failed and they are now considered missing.

Rules of Engagement:
Rules of Engagement published 12MAY05 are in effect. Use appropriate force against positively identified enemy combatants only. Minimize damage to local infrastructure. Be advised civilian non-combatants may be present in contested area.

Secure sensitive documents, believed to be located at Objective ALPHA at vicinity grid AG11061968 then attempt to locate and recover the missing R and S team. At H-Hour, SF units will ingress via MSR-11 Trade Route utilizing Up-Armored, CROWS-equipped, M1114 HMMWV's.

Enemy consists of a platoon-sized force occupying the central fortress. At least one Quick Reaction Force (QRF) may be entrenched within improvised fortifications in the surrounding hills; each potential QRF location is identified in satellite imagery and should be considered when planning eventual egress. The enemy force is armed with assault rifles, grenades and RPG's. Finally, up to three advanced marksmanship teams may be positioned in surrounding terrain acting as spotters for mortar positions concealed along the surrounding ridgeline. Additionally, local indigenous intel relates the enemy may possess several armor assets, comprised of at least one T-62 Main Battle Tank and possibly several more BMP-1 IFV's and BTR-80 APC's. This armor is almost certainly mobile, hence the lack of satellite intel to-date.

One squad from the ODA 2037 armed with assault rifles, M249 SAW, M82A1 rifle, AT4 rockets, Javelin anti-armor missiles and demolition materials.

A large, reinforced mudbrick fortress consisting of two enclosed courtyards, multiple single-story outbuildings and one major multi-level building at the SE extent of the fortress (suspected to be the enemy HQ and should be prioritized when clearing structures). Surrounding the OBJ are several rugged hills with what appear to be prepared fighting positions.
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