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I made a blog on Myspace about it. It was really dumbed down for the average thinker. It went as such...

Seeing as how people have the misconception of what airsoft is I'm gonna clear it up for you. We're NOT a group of dumb kids who just want to shoot each other at 5ft away. We have rules and regulations, well thought out scenario's, strategy and use of real Military tactics not to mention proper safety wear.

The average person hears airsoft and thinks, "oh those Wal-Mart bb guns?". If you think that, your far off... There a wide variety of airsoft guns and gear beyond that of Wal-Mart. Here are some pictures for those who have never seen something beyond a wal-mart airsoft gun or etc.

Wal-mart Airsoft gun.

Actual Brand name airsoft rifle

What everyone THINKS airsoft groups are

What airsoft groups ACTUALLY are.

This should be a sticky.

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