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I didn't know that!! That is unbelievable... that our government has already taken action to cover their asses by making it very hard for people to organize themselves. Are they worried about a coup, or revolution?? Hahaha
If it isn't illegal, but could be made to be. It needs to be challenged. We cannot let government have that much power. I can't remember who said it. but it goes something like.... " if government is big enough to "protect", and look after everything for the public, they are big enough to take it all away"
The people are the government, and politicians are employees.
Nice to meet you Brian, What is the thinking in Metro T.O. in regards to guns, and the necessity to be able to have, and get them. I am in the prairies (rural small town) and guns are part of the culture, and lifestyle here. Every farm has guns on it. And alot of townsfolk have guns too. (hunting rifles, shotguns, handguns, not too many restricted firearms)
The current gun laws are a joke. And quite frankly, with the way the world is going, having firearms for self defense of your home, or personal safety, is almost a no-brainer. If somebody on that bus could have shot "knife guy on the Greyhound bus" maybe the kid would still be alive, and the world would have one less crazyassed person. Not to say, "crazy guy" couldn't have gotten a gun, and killed more people in his madness, before being taken out.
But a crazy is gonna try and kill ya with whatever they can. Every person has a right to protect themself from harm. And 20 years from now, when I am in my 60's, who knows how the world will be then? I am not likely going to be able to fend of a young attacker. And I will be at a considerably higher risk of being harmed. I do not like the thought of being defenseless. And especially if having a gun would reduce the risk of being completely defenseless.
I know I am "preaching to the choir" LOL But thanks for the info on the legislation. We will have to get that changed, before they try taking away all of our rights. Which is what this is all about anyways. Cheers, Rod
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