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I do not want a refund I would like the gun I paid for since you are the only one who has one new in canada. I have already bought parts for it so I just need a CAM15A4. This is the only reason I have been so patient with you.

why did you tell me it shipped on the 11th when in fact it shipped this Tuesday? Are you sure it shipped this Tuesday? I'm going on vacation next week so I will likely miss the delivery unless it arrives today. You still have yet to provide me with a tracking number which i have asked for 3 times since the 11th and it would be handy to have one at this point so i know whether or not i will miss the delivery.

-even if there wasn't a 2 week delivery anywhere in canada listed on your thread there was a ships within 72h. If you cant make your own guarantee don't promise one and people wont be so upset. also if its so busy hire some help. theres no excuse for such poor customer service, people dont like being ignored especially when you have handed them $500.
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