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That radio is strictly intended for the Amateur Radio Service, meaning that you may only legally possess or use it in Canada if you are an authorized Canadian amateur (ham) radio operator, or are a visiting ham from another country which has reciprocal operating priviledges with Canada and are duly authorized by that country to possess or use the radio.

IF it is a stock (non-modified) radio, it operates both transmit and receive within the allocated VHF spectrum for ham radio between 144-148 MHz using frequency modulation (FM). Like most fully-synthesized tuning handhelds of its day, it was possible to enable extended receive coverage outside the designated ham spectrum without too much difficulty, but transmitting outside that range was and still is contrary to the Radiocommunication Act, and could land you in a whole heap-o-trouble should you cause harmful interference to another licensed service.

Other than that, it's an OLD yet pretty decent, no-frills, and therefore relatively inexpensive VHF hand held radio which is why a lot of ham operators liked it. As I mentioned previously, if you want to use it here legally, then you must become an authorized amateur radio operator...period.


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