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Attn. Mopic: please read Re:M15A4

First of all if your name isn't mopic don't post in this thread. I don't care how many fantastic transactions you have had because the one I am involved in at the moment has been anything but smooth. I would also like to apologize to the admins for doing this but it seems to be the only way to get anything done with mopic.

Mopic please send me the tracking number for the gun you shipped to me on the 11th. It has not arrived yet which means CP likely lost it or you didn't ship it. If you haven't shipped it please send it xpresspost since the 2 week guarantee you listed in your sale thread expired a week ago as did the shipping within 72h. I just want my gun so don't offer me a refund please just ship it or help me track down where CP has it. I'm sorry this had to become public but I am sick of being ignored and you have had 3 weeks to prevent this from happening. please email me
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