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Originally Posted by Nedlamar View Post
1: There are no walk in stores that sell airsoft
2: A gun will cost around $1000

Originally Posted by Nedlamar View Post
My question is mainly to these points.
1: Is that seriously true?

Originally Posted by Nedlamar View Post
I play guitar but I didn't go out and buy a $1000 worth of gear before I learnt any songs, I wanted to find out if it was for me.
that's not the way airsoft works.
you like combat? you like sweat? you like pain?
you like firearms? then you will not regret your investment.
unless you buy some crap or a M4 (ahahah just kidding for the m4)
know what you want.
if you want out of airsoft you'll just have to sell them.
even if the guns are broken you can sell them, that's how bad people want them.

Originally Posted by Nedlamar View Post
I don't particulaly want to have to go and meet someone to verify my age, I could show someone on here a scan of any legal age proving document they'd like to prove my age.
no one here particularly wants that either!
it's the RULE.if you're a good soldier you don't discuss the RULE

my advice:
buy an AEG, don't buy a pistol at first.
don't buy pimped up with scopes and stuff, just get the minimal GOOD gun and see.
DO get boots and a good load-bearing kit, cheap at any surplus.
get a sling for the will thank me for that.

if you like the green and the sweat you'll be hooked in no time.
you'll probably spend around 1000 to 2000$ in the first two years but once you're set, playing airsoft is pretty cheap.

many people start with an expensive inadapted kit to change back to cheap and simple, follow people's advices in the gear related threads to know what's best for you.

just do as we all do since it's the proven and tested easiest way to go, in Canada.

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