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Thank you for the replies, very informative if a little defensive from some.
As I mentioned I simply want to have a bit of fun in my back yard shooting targets (not beer cans cos I don't drink lol) but maybe pepsi cans or home made moving targets.
I don't need a full metal gun, I'm not Rambo lol I just always enjoyed shooting guns at inanamate objects, I'm from the UK but now live in Canada, I'm in the Brantford, Ontario area and have been told about shops that sell airsoft guns but yet to find one other than our wonderful Crappy Tire and Walmart.
I would love to spend a fortune on this stuff but I'm in the middle of immigration process which is eating my money pretty quickly, I also have the normal household bills and a wife and son to support so much more than $300 is out of my price range. I would love to run around wooded areas and fields etc as you guys do but I'm not gonna do that without first getting good with the tools of the sport, I don't like being owned lol and as I said at the moment I don't have the time.
I apreciate the age verification idea and agree with it but at the same time find it frustrating as I'm sure you can understand.

I guess for now it's gonna be something crappy from a store or ebay or unless someone can point me in a more respected area that doesn't require me to find someone to meet to prove I'm probably older than they are lol

Thanks anyway guys.

Edit: btw someone mentioned Zaeem on ebay being a scammer, could you please give me a little more info, his feedback is pretty good, in what way is he a sammer?

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