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The $1000 question is legit in some ways. But that also depends on how far you are willing to go into the sport.

1. Rifle necessary can get one for around $350 - 550 it can be a decent rifle.
2. Mags necessary depends on the quantity $90 for 10 M4a1 Star mags
3. Batteries necessary unless your going for a pistol show down then it's C02 or green gas. I've spent at least $150 on batteries and a good charger.
4. Cammo optional $100 for pants/Shirt
5. LBV, Tact Vest, or something to that nature optional $180.00 custom set up
6. Boots optional I already own boots so no cost.
7. Mask, ballistic eye wear or what have you. necessary $70 on a pretty good pair.

You can get in under $1000 but it all depends on how much your willing to spend. It isn't the cheapest hobby to get into at all. But it is a lot of fun in you can get the time and get to some milsim games and such.

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