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I have a question

Please do not reply to this with "Read the FAQ" or such comments as I have read the FAQs and read quite a lot of info on this board before posting this.
A couple of things puzzle me, I'm new to Airsoft, completely new, I would like to purchase a Rifle and maybe pistol, I bought the Canadian tire stuff and as I'm sure you all know they are of poor quality.
I'm not too interested in spending my life savings on this sport, I also don't really have the time to be part of a club unfortunately, I simply wish to have some fun on my own or possibly with a couple of friends in the saftey of our own property. I'm 31 and a responsible person, I have no intention of firing an airsoft gun or any other projectile in any irrisponsible way or in any place that may put others at risk.
Having looked around for somewhere to buy a higher quality gun I came across a link to a thread here where people were saying 2 things of interest.
1: There are no walk in stores that sell airsoft
2: A gun will cost around $1000

My question is mainly to these points.

1: Is that seriously true? I find it a little hard to believe that WalMart can sell lower quality guns that fire only a slightly shorter range than higher quality with less accuracy making them more dangerous IMO yet I can't go to a store that sells .22 air rifles with scopes and pistols that fire lead pellets at a much higher range than airsoft. Not disputing what was said, just finding it hard to believe.

2: I've looked around the net, guns in the Sates are much cheaper yes but has many guns for much much less than $1000 and according to reviews from customers are perfectly suited to what I want, I was looking at some for around $150-$250 complete. I've also found a few stores on ebay selling guns for around the same price, granted they are plastic etc but according to everything I've read, most of them are perfectly fine for simply having some fun. I believe that when starting a hobby you start by buying cheap and work your way up, I play guitar but I didn't go out and buy a $1000 worth of gear before I learnt any songs, I wanted to find out if it was for me.

I don't particulaly want to have to go and meet someone to verify my age, I could show someone on here a scan of any legal age proving document they'd like to prove my age.

Could someone please inform me if these guys are talking about Airsoft guns that fire plastic balls or some form of military grade rifles?
I really would like to try some of this stuff out and I don't really want to have to pay $50+ shipping only to find out it's not really for me.

Thank you in advance for any info.
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