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Originally Posted by KND View Post
Hey ! I don't want to pollute this review, but just want to save people from KWA. I bought an KWA KM4A1 about a month ago and I used 11.1 v Lipo for all the time, It's quite pretty good with Semi but with Auto, never and never use 11.1 v Lipo with Full Auto, It will riped out your gear inside the mechbox, it would be good if you use Lipo under than 11.1 v. It's just advice to my experience with KWA.
ya it was clearly a lemon, that one doesnt reflect the WHOLE batch. So dont go around saying "Save people from KWA". It's doesnt really sound right when you say "Don't buy a KWA M4, I got one and mine was a lemon, so it didnt work right. If you get one its going to be a lemon too! Even though the lemon rate is like 0.001%!!".

But I actually do feel sorry for you, You must have a Godsend-Luck to get a lemon LOL

in any case Ill have a video posted up soon(shooting with lipo).

review should be done by tomorrow night with full pics.

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