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Just received mine yesterday A freakin Day early sweet.It looks as awsome as i thought, weight is Very nice and with the new King Arms Tromix Shark Muzzle Brake Flashider it is definatly a kick ass lookin gun The LiPO isnt here yet but terry has one that i will probably test it out tonight ill let ya know how that goes.The Trades on the gun are very nicely done Stickers were a pain in the arse to get off the stock flashider was bright orange and apperantly the colour is somehow infused with the steel so stripin it is outa the question supposed to use sandpaper and paint over i just replaced it...LOL. The Sound of this monster is just that a Monstorous with a 8.4 mini cant wait to hear it on a LiPO

So ya im interested in your review as well

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