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KWA M4A1 S-System In-Depth review


ROF Tests(All batteries fully charged):

Real Steel: 13 rounds per second, 800rounds per minute.

Sanyo 8.4v 600mah Nicd Mini Battery - 15 rounds per second - 900rds/min

Firefox 9.6v 2000mah Nimh Crane Stock Battery - 19 rounds per second - 1140rds/min

G&P 9.6v 3300mah Nimh Large Battery - 19.6 rounds per second - 1176rds/min

Morepower LiFEPo4 12.8v 1600mah Battery - 19 rounds per second - 1140rds/min

Firefox 11.1v 1600mah Lipo battery - 25rounds per second - 1500rds/min

So I finally decided to do a review of the KWA M4A1- S-System after gaming it a total of 6 games.

I've read a couple of other KWA review but they weren't very in-depth and have not used Lipo battery like this SHOULD be used with.

-Hop up unit is NOT TM compatible(i will explain in detail later)
-The inside of the hop up rubber that pushes onto the BB is H-shaped unlike others
-inner barrel is 395mm, not 363
-The sector gear has a sector clip installed to eliminate any BB misfeeding. Even at 30BBs per second.
-Uses 2 piece hop up, there is a reason why they didn't use 1 piece(explain more later)
-Fuse is rated too low for lipo. its rated for only 15A, i reccomend replacing the fuse with 20A or even 25A fuses.
-Many improvements inside the gearbox to make the tuner's life much easier(explain in detail later)

The video is NOT to show the accuracy, but showing the rate of fire.
- The grouping is very big because it was VERY hard to control the recoil at 25 of them per second...
- The gun is upgraded, it does not reflect the accuracy of the stock KWA gun.
- The shots are lower than the targer because the Scope was not zeroed.

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