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KWA M4A1 S-System In-Depth review


ROF Tests(All batteries fully charged):

Real Steel: 13 rounds per second, 800rounds per minute.

Sanyo 8.4v 600mah Nicd Mini Battery - 15 rounds per second - 900rds/min

Firefox 9.6v 2000mah Nimh Crane Stock Battery - 19 rounds per second - 1140rds/min

G&P 9.6v 3300mah Nimh Large Battery - 19.6 rounds per second - 1176rds/min

Morepower LiFEPo4 12.8v 1600mah Battery - 19 rounds per second - 1140rds/min

Firefox 11.1v 1600mah Lipo battery - 25rounds per second - 1500rds/min

So I finally decided to do a review of the KWA M4A1- S-System after gaming it a total of 6 games.

I've read a couple of other KWA review but they weren't very in-depth and have not used Lipo battery like this SHOULD be used with.

-Hop up unit is NOT TM compatible(i will explain in detail later)
-The inside of the hop up rubber that pushes onto the BB is H-shaped unlike others
-inner barrel is 395mm, not 363
-The sector gear has a sector clip installed to eliminate any BB misfeeding. Even at 30BBs per second.
-Uses 2 piece hop up, there is a reason why they didn't use 1 piece(explain more later)
-Fuse is rated too low for lipo. its rated for only 15A, i reccomend replacing the fuse with 20A or even 25A fuses.
-Many improvements inside the gearbox to make the tuner's life much easier(explain in detail later)

KWA M4A1 on 11.1v Lipo(12C)
The video is NOT to show the accuracy, but showing the rate of fire.
- The grouping is very big because it was VERY hard to control the recoil at 25 of them per second...
- The gun is upgraded, it does not reflect the accuracy of the stock KWA gun.
- The shots are lower than the targer because the Scope was not zeroed.

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