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AI needs help!: translating English to Japanese

I find myself in a bind! I need to have some product descriptions translated to Japanese in short order by a Japanese airsofter. I've only recently come to realize that the Japanese language is complicated by a few different character sets with their own specific applications which are often distinguished by the meaning and/or sound (in original language) and/or loose connection to a similar word (with no connection via meaning) that sounds right in the origin language.

Therefore I really need the help of a native Japanese person who plays airsoft.

Bushing Press:
-Tool for pressing bushings into mechbox
-Presses bushings with correct alignment and firmly
-CNC machined parts

Motor Plate:
-Motor plate that press fits into the bottom end of your AEG motor
-Doesn't fall off and get lost when you take out your AEG motor

Pass this task and collect $40 payable via EMT. Translations will be assessed by a friend who can read and speak Japanese, but doesn't have the airsoft background to write the descriptions themself.

If you want to work for AI providing Japanese translation services shoot me a PM!
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