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Madbull XM203 Long

So after wanting this thing really badly I finally get it in the mail from trusty Jugglez.

The build quality is superb on this thing, the clouring is clean black matt. The body itself is very sturdy (metal), and is extremely easy to operate.

The long version has 3 allen screws to be tightened so that the rails can be mounted on the gun, this mught be a con during combat if u want to quickly remove the 203, ud need an allen key to remove the launcher from the weapon.

I got the M922A1 shell, and have another one coming tommorow. They have their own unique hopup system for the bb's, its a massive o-ring that goes around the head of the shell and peeks in just a bit into every barrel, making the bb's snug inside and spinning when shot.

this shell holds 120 rounds...and fuck is it ever powerfull with the CO2 (the co2 charge valve kit, I used it to charge the grenade).

the grenade fits in easily into the llauncher and is snug once locked into shower the fuck out of everyone mode.

The insides of the launcher are extremely simple and rebuild kits (I bought one with the launcher just in case) are very cheap.

However, if u want the real looking m203's with the trigger, then ud have to buy another launcher...then again in the ever chaging world of weapon tech, everything new is real stuff so its preference.

it looks great on full length m16's and carbines.

it fits snug on the carbine and my AK.

on the AK it look normal since its very long and doesnt fit to the full lenght of my rail kit, but that works anyhow.

Pictures to be posted soon.

--range, accuracy, kill effectiveness and rape factor will also be posted soon.

very happy so far.







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