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Originally Posted by spartan1o5 View Post
i have a CA full body, receiver buffer tube, stock, outer barrel, sights and I will do what you want me to. Just give me 1 dollar =D. Anyone want to buy it?
I want you to ... y'know... I think I'll keep myself out of trouble this morning....

And on an on topic note:

I bought the 416 that T7 reviewed way back at the beginning of the thread, and it's still running strong. Since I bought it I've installed a tightbore innerbarrel, 393mm length I think it was, it was a couple inches too long, but I got it cut down, and have had no issues.

All in all, I've had no issues, save those I caused, then fixed myself (thought I killed the hop up, turned out to be a 3 second fix, and knocked the dust cover off, but got it back in). Shoots straight, never quits (except that one time in the drug lab when the battery died... "SHI-.... hit....") feels awesome, and yeah... over six months of use (I've fielded it at least a half dozen times this spring/summer) and no issues.

You buy now!
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