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"Bought JG416 from him and paid $70 for Xpresspost shipping! Received wrong gun by Xpresspost (which only costs $40) and sent it back. Got run around for weeks before the right gun was finally shipped by regular post which costs only $20. Asked for refund and shipping different and was insulted. Very bad buyer who gives retaliatory negative feedback!"

Just once I'd like a retailer to be honest with their shipping well as some individual users.

Both of my parents have worked at Canada Post for longer than I've been alive. If there's one person who knows when a shipping "quote" is bullshit, it's me. I know exactly how it goes down because I have had the opportunity to not only see it but participate in it.

It pisses me off to no end when I get charged like $35 to ship something via regular parcel from say, Montreal. Even when it's just an SMG. I've ordered through various retailers in my time here and they all over-rape on shipping charges. $70 such as this is complete bullshit. Maybe, just maybe from Vancouver to St. John's I could fathom it, but I doubt this was the case here.
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