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Originally Posted by Double Tapper View Post
I did notice that his stockpile is increasing,But I do see what you mean
about outside classified section.But was this done today,this happened
in the last few hours.I was talking to him through pm's today.I went to
his profile and checked his last posts,nothing that shows a problem.
saw it last night... not much of a loss

Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I don't know what it is. He must have done something, because they don't ban people here willy-nilly for no reason. I just offered a possible reason...
it wasent willy-nilly. it was at crows...

Originally Posted by Double Tapper View Post
Then why did he getting more items in if he isn't going sell them?.He took
a holiday from selling,now he is back and winding things back up.If he
was not selling anymore,they would un sticky it and let drift away.
hehe good old expensive clearsoft

Originally Posted by Drache View Post
He was banned for leaving too many retaliatory negative feedbacks....

Originally Posted by Lisa View Post
The ban is for 3 weeks as he earned 3 points for the second retaliatory feedback which gave him a total of 10 points which gives him a 3 week ban. his age verification has been pulled until he fixes his feedback. He wouldn't have lost his age verification if he hadn't been warned already to fix the first retaliatory feedback or lose his verification. if this was the first time he had an infraction he wouldn't have managed to get banned (and all his infractions are for sales related issues.
thank you verry much for the explnaition.... sometimes i like to know why the person is banned, maby i want to buy somthing or whatever... id be cool if the mods posted why on their profile page, like 1 sentence or even 1 word describing why the person is banned and maby for how long....

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