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Originally Posted by 5.56 View Post
They are showing to the public that they are removing non-firing, sport oriented devices. But FUCK MEN!...they would impress me if these same GOVERNMENT PEOPLE were able to screen the REAL GUNS which killed 20-25 people over the past year in GANG VIOLENCE in Lower Mainland.
Why focus on the tool? deal with the GANG not the firearm. The firearm does not pull "it's" trigger.

Focus on dealing with the gangs and the import of the illegal firearms. Firearms seized should be auctioned off to the community and the funds placed back into law enforcement.

Airsoft....well, it's situation has been getting worse over the years. Not sure what the future may hold.

I'm a member of the NFA and CSSA and I don't see the shooting community being all that open to the airsoft community. There are many reasons why it would bolster both communities to join up.....there is a rather large resentment (contempt?) for our community within the shooting community.

That opinion of mine has been garnered from the views expressed on CGN, but I think it paints a fair picture of the situation.

However, I'm not sure if anyone ever HAS approached either organization about airsoft.
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