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Originally Posted by Sepulcrum View Post
IMO, it's nicer than a PTW. I've fired crunches and I must say it is really nice, never got to game it though as I had ammo problems, NEVER BUY MADBULL IPSC GRADE .25 BBS FOR A DOUBLE STACK MAG.
Yeah. I loaded all those mags up with about 50 rounds last weekend and they fired off without a problem. It really must have been those BBs that jammed up on you, same way KSC BBs jam up the mags on my KSC Glock (go figure, both KSC). I wish you would have had the change to use it in the field and give it a bit of a workout.

You'll love it, pawscal. It's a fucking awesome gun and rock solid too. This is as close to a real AK as anyone is likely to ever hold short of the real thing.

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