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Originally Posted by vladdiej View Post
If I may respectfully interject here. Saint, I've read many of your posts and highly respect your opinions and insights. I'm not looking to find fault but Capt. T/O isn't just some charlatan simply arguing for the sake of arguing. He has a firm grasp of Canadian law as he makes a living out of it.

I was sitting back, hoping not to be the chump to jump up and say, "Dude, he's a lawyer".
Thanks for the support Vladdiej.
But like any lawyer would/should, we must always be open to new ways of thinking and different interpretations, as different interpretations of the same words always cause conflict.

This discussion with Saint was good for me as it gave me a new perspective on the same laws. The final interpretation of what the laws will simply be made by the Courts and neither Saint nor I are "correct". The only "correct" answer will be stated by a judge.

To Steggs:
Sorry will shut up now.
I lost sight of the purpose of the original post, as my conversation with Saint was more of an "intellectual exercise" for me and my pursuit of learning/understanding more.

Saint, if you wish to continue our discussion, please pm me.

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