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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
I was under the impression that threatening a person with a replica firearm, regardless of it's ability to operate, was considered brandishing a deadly weapon with intent to harm and can stack firearm charges against you.
Sure. Thats probably true.
The point I wanted to make is that our airsoft guns, when shooting greater than 500 fps, is defined as a real steel firearm when used in a CRIME and CAN result in CRIMINAL firearm charges against you.

A replica firearm (if not operational) cannot cross that line and become a real firearm under the CCC, and thus the charge will likely be limited to a deadly weapon, as you say.

But if the replica firearm is operational (thus shooting greater than 500 fps) then it crosses that line to become a real steel firearm in the eyes of the law, regardless of it having 5.7 joules of muzzle energy or not.
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