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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post

It's 500fps AND 5.7J, period, there is no such distinction between CFC and RCMP. C-10A applies to both the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code in the exact same way.

I understand the wording is rather confusing, but Parliament wrote the section to mean AND, and there aren't two interpretations on it.
Show me the legislative history that states that Parliament wrote the section to mean AND.

You're right though, there is no distinction between the CFC and the RCMP.
The distinction lies in the scope of the laws. The two laws here (the FA and the CCC) each serve their own purpose, and they are exclusive of each other. One does not take precedent over the other.
The CFC and de facto the RCMP implement/interpret the FA.
Your local prosecutors/interpret will implement the CCC.
The CCC will only come into play after a crime has been commited and not before. The FA governs until such time.

Like I said, check out the CFC website... it states that there are two definitions for a firearm... one under the FA and one under the CCC.

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